Thursday, October 3, 2019

Humans, Aliens, & Animals

Deep in the heart of a small town there were spies. These where not just any spies they were animal spies.
“They’re out of control,” Peter the sparrow said ranting to his mother.
“Who, Peter? Who is out of control?” Linda, Peter’s mom asked.
“The ‘human aliens,’ they don’t even put bird feeders out for us in their yards anymore. We need to get rid of them, they’re not keeping their end of the bargain,” Peter replied frantically.
Peter’s mother stopped stirring her stew, her son had now gained her full attention,
 “Their not keeping their end of the bargain with whom, Peter? Whom are you talking about son?
“I fly by this building up the street and I see them ‘human aliens’ in there worshipping this big lamb and a lion, they promise him their life and promise to take care of everything and everyone. They even put paper and metal in a dish and drink out of shining cups. Steven and I fly to various locations, we’ve even seen some ‘human aliens’ on their knees worshipping the sun with huge shining rooftops. It’s scary momma, many of them all do these things at the same time at a certain time of day and it’s frightening. We’ve even noticed some dressed in all white, picking other ‘human aliens’ off of the floor shaking like they’re passing out. They’re crazy momma and we’ve got to do something before they start eating us,” Peter explained.
Peter’s father Jeff came storming into the kitchen, “He’s right Linda, we have to fight back, those ‘human aliens’ burned Tina and Ed’s house to the ground. They’re savages.”
This got all of the animals revved up to take action. Peter took center stage, “It’s time friends, it’s time for us to come together and take our rightful spot as owners of nature. We will fight back with everything we’ve got. Friends, at this point, we have nothing to lose.”
In all of the unifying and chatting, Shanna the squirrel puts her tail up, “Hey, how will we fight back Peter? Do you need John’s stash of buckeyes for ammo? He has plenty, we just have to find them,” Shanna says as John gives her a weird look.
“No Shanna, we will attack them psychologically, we will have fireflies carry Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb out of the mountains like they’re flying out of the night sky. I’m 100% sure that if we do this, we’ll get their full attention. They’ll know that we mean business,” Peter explained while all of the animals and insects of the forrest came together.
Peter’s idea was genius, he knew that this was what most of the human aliens were waiting for so he and the animals just had to find a way to communicate and give them what they’d been waiting for. To Peter this was the only way. Fred the lion never understood why his brothers and sisters were often killed for their fur and never invited to the worship events but instead locked in cages so other human aliens could watch them. For Fred the lion, this was payback.
The next day their plan was in motion, they bailed Fred the lion out of the zoo and managed to smuggle Zeus the big lamb off of the farm. It took 8 million fireflies to carry them into the night sky. When the human aliens saw this and heard the elephants blowing like trumpets, they were shocked, and many fell to their knees, some even passed out. The animals all watched, assured that this was their time. Boy did Fred the lion and Zeus the big lamb put on a show. They explained to the humans everything that needed to be done to get things back in order. The humans were so pumped up that they even promised Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb a golden zoo with plenty of fresh food and royal rugs.
Peter’s father was so proud of his son, all of the sparrows were overwhelmed with joy. They were now the top birds that ruled the sky beside the eagle. The animals had now gained power over the human aliens with Fred the lion and Zeus the lamb as their spokesmen. Shanna and John the squirrels couldn’t believe how fast the animals got things back on track when they were able to speak clearly with the human aliens. Ted the bear even found out that they sold honey at the local market. Instead of stealing it, he just went right in and bought it with the money he now earned cleaning the woods. The new world was much better now with human aliens and animals working together. Now that all of the humans and animals were unified, Noah became Peter the sparrow’s favorite story. With unity, everything was not only good, it was all good.

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