Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I was about 20 years in, I felt like I was on top of the world. Untouchable. After about the 10th year, I noticed that I was getting older. Never a big religious person, I often wondered why most older people spent most of their time searching for the fountain of youth or some form of inspiration. You may not care but I was robbed the other day, I thought someone would save me. Inspired, I later invented the ambulance truck and won the noble peace prize. I made that, I always told myself, looking back, always in the spotlight. I saved trillions of lives with my inventions, only to realize that I too must die. I made billions and often found myself feeling empty inside, something was missing. I just about read every book until I realized what fueled everything. I gave up looking for answers, I had to come to one conclusion: something or someone was and always has been guiding me. Pushing me, giving me strength. The current in electricity giving infinite power and generating more life. He was too great to see in my invention, he was there the entire time in my years of service when I almost died. He talked with me, he walked with me, he was inside of me and no man or woman could take that away. He keeps his promises. Blinded by his greatness, I could not see his face. When I thought it was over, my life had just begun.
It never ends, it’s infinite, it goes on and on. When you die you just go back to where you came from. The source.
The square root to -1.

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