Monday, October 21, 2019

Camera Wars

They may have been poor but if nothing else, they knew cameras. It started with a contest and lack of the right equipment. This state of mind could drive a cameraman insane. Determined, Craig turned to his crew, even with a full time job, they all took notice that they couldn’t afford the good cameras so they snapped. When people snap, ideas flow and people do desperate things. It was safe to say, they’re desires had slowly turned them into criminals.
“I say we rob the camera store,” Craig suggested to his crew.
“No, I think we should work our way up,” Marlee said, interrupting Craig before he continued on.
“I say we make a movie with our cell phones and make it with the best content we can find and use the earnings to buy the good stuff,” Marlee said as she continued adding her feminine input.
“There’s no way we can compete with the big dogs! No way! They’ve got everything: the money, the tools, and the man power,” Craig replied, gaining everyone’s full attention.
Craig had the most influence on the team and Marlee knew that so she played the wise owl. The next day when she noticed them in handcuffs for trying to steal cameras, she followed her first idea and turned something into nothing. She filmed a whole documentary about unfair practices in show business with her cell phone. She used her friend’s situation as weight for her point. She filmed everything and even got the camera store to not only drop the charges but to allow her to use their camera footage in her documentary. She titled her documentary: “Camera Wars.” Marlee took confidence in her idea and she made something out of nothing. She also turned less into more as she took notice of the attention that her documentary had gained, giving her the full attention of her crew. She took everything earned from her work and invested it into the cameras that they used to not be able to afford. After many failures they now had success and they learned that sometimes to get what we want in life, it’s better just to let others know the truth and then build off of the truth to change things for the better. Marlee’s vision gave everyone a voice and gave those with more the motivation to give back to those with less.
The End.

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