Thursday, July 4, 2019

District 13

“What happened to all of the people that used to live here Mommy?” little Willow asked in the midst of a night filled with explosions.
Her mother Catherine began to cry while wiping the dirt off of her daughter’s face. 
“Man has done something really bad sweetie, really bad,” Catherine replied, trying to keep her daughter safe from all of the chaos. 
The idea of peace was the only thing that helped the citizens of district 13 sleep at night. One writer wrote that there was no hope for mankind. There was no good left in his soul and he was cursed by his own will to win. The people of district 13 flocked to their bunkers when they heard of the last order to drop the bomb on them. Children walked through the streets like zombies searching for toys, women screamed as the evil desires of men roamed free. The structured system had collapsed, the next morning as the sun rose over what was left of district 13, little Willow crawled from under the ground only to be consumed by the soot that filled the air. The government had failed its people, no one survived, there’s no joy in war, only sad memories of death and destruction and the victor usually becomes the oppressor. 

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