Thursday, July 25, 2019

Crying Babies

Once upon a time; hold up, give me a second, someone is in the room. It’s a human baby crying. I don’t know what to do. I can feel the baby’s pain, he’s upset about something. The child is teaching me a very hard lesson about life. I then take my shirt off of my back to comfort the child. He stops crying, I smile, I think the little fellow likes me. Let me get you to understand where I am. It’s late, I’ve given some girl a ride home and she lives in some pretty harsh conditions. But with her smile, life isn’t so bad but why does this feel so strange? It’s better when you show love, I guess. I start pondering... this kid could grow up and give me a reason to keep living someday. It’s too bad he’s not mine. This little fellow could be the only friend I have, I guess that’s why babies cry. This is where we get to the end of the story, because I just took my shirt off of my back to care for someone’s child. For some reason this story has to be personal because strangers can end up at the wrong place at the right time. I go down stairs and his mother is gone. She abandoned him, as hard as this situation is, I think his mother knew the whole time what she was doing. This was a setup from the beginning. For a moment I feel sad...I’m in a very awkward situation. I review my own life, my heart skips a beat, I’ve been played. I slowly walk into the room confused and angry. Don’t ask me why but the kid fell straight to sleep in my shirt, I pause for a second, the little guy reminds me of myself. This must be my crossroad, this must be the time when I have to sacrifice, the time when I have to be the good guy in a story so I take him in.
Seeing him attend his graduation 17 years later made it all worth it. It’s been a tough road and I just about have nothing left but this is a good day. I’ll accept it, I have no regrets. Divine law gave me a choice to raise a child and the son came out the next day. Oops, I mean the sun came out the next day.   This was the story that saved my life, I felt sad so I started typing away. The story of crying babies. In sorrow and pain they somehow have a way of throwing back a lifeline to someone having to deal with reality. We never know how the story ends we just hope for the best.
The End

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