Monday, March 18, 2019

The Crowd

It was my first real challenge, my first big crowd. Listening to my trainer, I acted like they were not even there. Before the fight, I recalled when I used to tell comedy jokes with small crowds, but this was different. When I heard the bell ring, my heart started beating really fast. I felt like a warrior angel had entered my body, I began to shake. What I noticed the most was how brutal the crowd was. I was there for a fight but they were there to see blood. Don’t ask me why my first professional fight was scheduled for the maximum rounds. I could feel the crowds energy with every punch and kick. The fight went the distance. I was dead tired, the one thing that remained on my mind was how I felt tired but the crowd still had energy. Feeling their rage, I snapped my opponent’s neck and they still cheered. Realizing what they turned me into, I fell to my knees, got up and walked out of the cage, never to fight again. Somehow the beast inside of me became human. They would sell their soul to see the beast. They would bet all of their riches to see a monster that I refused to let out anymore.

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