Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Madhouse

They say a man is never truly in his right mind until he can comprehend peace.
The truth is that even when he is at peace, he is still trying to avoid war.
Then there's what they call: "The Madhouse."

It was a normal day that soon turned into a deadly one. Women with blond hair, some pink and red screaming bloody mary. It was scary, I somehow ended up in another dimension. It may sound fiction but they actually prescribed me some medicine because I acknowledged the madness. Homeless children running the streets, schools empty with adults in mental daycare. The normal was only a thought. The normal was only a vision. Digital images pulsing from above with women flashing from left to right. The normal was only in the imagination. Pills scattered in the streets, unreal sounds being pumped through the speakers. I myself became a victim with no stable life at home, no wife. She too had been consumed by the madness. It was evident that some type of force wanted me out of the picture. Torn by the subliminal messages it was evident that a new world of death and madness was alive and well. Noticing a familiar name on the radio, another name I knew, lost in the chaos. In the blink of an eye, people had become victims of their own fears. Women and men afraid to bond. Brothers and sisters plagued by their own unhappiness. In my own sorrow, I found the only weapon that would get me back in order. Noticing the light shining off of my ancient sword I read every word on the sharp blade. When I laid down to rest, I placed it by my bedside. I had come to understand that my sword was my only protection. With it, I refused to live in fear but would use it to kill the madness. Awaken by chaos, I began to swing, humbled by the truth, I refused to blend in. Slicing and dicing, I stood my ground. Exhausted from the war, I saw a way out. Dashing through the light, seeping through the door, I escaped to live another day. Watching as the madhouse burned to the ground, I stood there with my sword in my hand and was grateful to still be in my right mind. The homeless children followed me to safety and I began to teach them the way.

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