Sunday, January 28, 2018

Human Behavior

Some say the soul is what makes us human.
The ability to function, the ability to comprehend.
In my deep thoughts, I cannot help but wonder why we're here.
Are we here to be envious of one another?
Are we here to judge?
Are we here to be selfish?
Are we here to progress and obtain all that we can?
With age comes wisdom.
What was once important to you at an early age, somehow fades away as priorities change.
I too had ambitions far beyond belief at an early age.
Visions of the world accepting me, even in my illiterate state of mind.
I cannot explain why age makes life more complicated,
Having to find a way to survive and stay afloat.
Why some people have to sit in a room and fade away in their last moments can never sound fair, but reflecting on the past is a burden that we all must face.
There's so much to learn in this life.
So much to keep up with.
Is that what makes us human?
To watch two children fighting over who will play the main character.
To have a conversation with a prostitute, and later realize that she is human too.
She too has thoughts and ambitions.
In that thought, I begin to read and try to understand logic when in reality it's simple math.
The complex things of nature are hard to figure out, but if you try hard enough, eventually you'll find a solution.
Then you later learn that somethings cannot be explained. 
A man who cannot control himself, locked up behind bars, he too must leave this earth one day and face the mysteries on the other side.
Don't ask me why, but something or someone created us.
A vision of life giving us breath.
A human phenomenon.
As time passes and our ambitions slowly fade away into the past,
Our dreams of creating a legacy soon merge with the reality that the world can only provide us with so much. Maybe less is better.
Some kill, some fight, some steal, some desire to rule the world, some love, some hate, some succeed and some fail, but I guess that's what defines human behavior.
Why not decide to pickup a good hobby?
Why contemplate on the woes of the world?
Humans will be humans.
It's been that way since we were created, nothing is new. 
People of all races still battling with the realities that shape us.
In this deep thought, I take a break and rest.
Am I a good person for returning someone's lost dollar?
Am I a good person for confessing my imperfections?
After years of being provocative, I don't know why some women decide to change their ways.
After years of pleasure, I don't know why some people take the road less traveled.
Is it the soul that makes us human?
Take a breath and listen to a crying child for a moment, it's normal, it's human behavior.

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