Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Sex Offender

"What's human? Dr. Greg." Ramon asked, in his first counseling session.
Dr. Greg takes his glasses off.
"I'm human, and you're human. Why do you ask?"
"Do you think a woman who kills a child is human?"
Dr. Greg takes a drink and slowly puts down his glass.
"A woman who kills her child must not feel that the child is safe enough to belong in this world. These cases of neonaticide have been occurring throughout the history of human life; at least as far as my research goes. Where are you going with this?"
Ramon sits back on the lounge chair.
"Do you love your wife? Dr. Greg."
"Yes... with all my heart," Dr. Greg replies.
"I once used to feel like that. Then I logged in online to meet Sophia, Candy, Candice and Caramel. They changed my perception of the female species," Ramon says folding his hands on his stomach while laying back.
He gets Dr. Greg's full attention.
"Elaborate on that thought would you please."
Ramon looks at the clock on the wall and then continues.
"As a child I used to play with my sisters. I loved them Dr. Greg. I loved them until they became sluts. You know I once heard a sermon about a prophet in the bible who was so powerful that he could not be fazed by the slut. I envy him. You see Dr. Greg, once I figured out what the slut can do to a man's natural conscience I became a monster. I don't want to confuse you on why I need your help. I love women, but the slut has led me here."
"That's interesting. So what is a slut to you? If you don't mind me asking."
Ramon gets up from the lounge chair.
"Don't act stupid. You know what a slut is."
Dr. Greg takes a sip of water.
"Please, sit back down. I want to know what a slut is to you," Dr. Greg responds modestly.
Ramon sits back down and gets comfortable. He folds his hands back on his stomach.
"I don't know any more. I just don't understand why the women I love are not attracted to me. I always end up with a dirty rotten slut."
Dr. Greg grabs his pen and pad and starts writing.
"Is that why you think you're a sex offender now."
The room is silent for a second.
"I'm a sex offender because I have to punish the sluts. That's something you won't understand. Don't act like you're mister perfect. You've watched porn like every sex craving maniac on this planet. It's human."
Dr. Greg stops writing.
"I'm trying to help you Ramon. I want to tell you why I took you in as a patient. I admit I've had my days of abuse and being a sex craving fanatic but it got me nowhere but here. If I don't help you, then my own life won't be complete. I cannot undo my past but I can only help those seeking a better future." he explains, getting Ramon's full attention.
"I didn't rape that girl, Dr. Greg. Once you figure out what a human being is and what being human feels like, then you will understand my mind. I'm a man who's got to put an end to the sluts that are killing divine will."
Dr. Greg starts to write again. Ramon then goes quiet.
"Divine will is like karma, it teaches us to become better,"  Dr. Greg says, breaking the silence.
Ramon begins to mumble.
"Love did this to me, Dr. Greg. Having a broken heart has turned me into a monster and I'll never forgive that slut for what she did to me. You just keep on loving your wife; but I'm warning you, if she screws you over, then you feed her to me and I'll straighten her out."
"Well Ramon. I recommend you read as many books as you can. I want you to live like a monk for a year, then I want you to come back and schedule another session with me. If you do this, I guarantee you'll be changed into a better man, but that can only happen if you follow my instructions," replied Dr. Greg, wrapping up the session between the two of them.
Ramon took his advice. He respected Dr. Greg. After their meeting, Dr. Greg had put Ramon to the test. Ramon began to workout more, he started reading everything he could get his hands on, and in the process he found himself growing into a better person. After a year had past, he and Dr. Greg met at a gym and talked in the lounge after their workout.
"You know Dr. Greg. In this whole year I finally figured it out."
Dr. Greg became all ears.
"What did you figure out?" He asked.
Ramon then responded humbly.
"Women just want the same thing we want; they just want to be loved."
Dr. Greg was shocked by Ramon's new found comment.
Complete solitude and meditation had killed the monster that Ramon once was. 
The End.  

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