Thursday, February 16, 2017

The First Amerikans

It's free!
There's a pot with two antennas, so when you look in it, you can see a picture of you and your grandfather, it cost $400.
It's land filled with water, dust, and air, but you have to pay for the book that has the ingredients, it cost $40.
The water is filtered but it's still water, it cost $30.
The people have many faces but they're still people and no matter who they are or how special they may seem, you still have to pay interest just to see them.
Two ships come to the dock, sailing away from death, where are the passports? By George, it's Thanksgiving Day!
Is that man selling his coffin to pay for his funeral?
Her boyfriend dreamed of a hit record so he made a love song about her and fell in love with his agent...she later found out that she wasn't in the dream.
Two drummers are looking for an electric guitar player for their band, but they forgot they need an audience to get paid, where are they now?
There's people walking by a skyscraper and someone is about to jump, I wonder if they see him on the edge of the top floor.
He never complains because nobody cares, so he curses in the mirror and then brushes his teeth.
He's google eyed from typing girl names in the search engine.
Is that genius drinking sugar water?
Is that a handicap sticker on the runway or is that airplane parked in the wrong spot?
Why is the president in church, I thought they were separated?
She has a wheelchair printed on her skin, what brand of skin is she wearing?
There's an ambulance driver saving someone who just got into a fight with the police.
He ran for office but now he's running from city hall and he just got elected president, what's the odds of that?
She's always in the mirror but never at home, how does that sound?
I see flags hanging upside down on my neighbors porch, I go to fix them and he gets upset with me, I thought he was a patriot.
She's single, filed her taxes, then got a brand new car, who did she claim?
I'm on a psych ward and I see America spelled "Amerika" and I have no clue why, I wonder if the person who wrote it lost their mind.
I'm still in the hospital and out of all the babies I see through the glass, there is one with his fist in the air. Oh wait, I see two fingers almost like the newborn is holding up the peace sign while all the other babies are crying. I wonder if the other babies are protesting? I sit and just soak up the moment not knowing if I'll ever be sane again, but at least I got to see the first Amerikans.     

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