Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love Mysteries; Issue 1: The day the floor caved in

This was his opportunity. Victor loved Rachelle but he just needed to tell her, someway or somehow. Standing in the elevator, he just stood there and stared at her. He was obsessed, he had to have Rachelle. Reaching down to tie his shoe laces, he imagined himself in her arms. He loved the colorful stockings that she would wear. He couldn't help drooling while down on one knee glancing at her legs in red stockings.  From sun up to sun down, Rachelle was on his mind. This woman had a spell on him and she didn't even know him. The fragrance of "Winter Blossom" perfume was all that he needed to get his senses revved up. Drowning himself in his lust for Rachelle filled his every thought. Victor needed medicine to cure his craving for this woman. Every inkling moment she walked by him was just enough to send him into a universe of wonders with just him and her. His heart would race at first sight of her. The man would spend all of his life savings just for one night with Rachelle. This feeling was dangerous. Every chance he passed-up to talk to her would haunt him in his sleep. He had to tell her how he felt. He had to say something to this woman or the images playing over and over in his mind would remain just that, an image.
It was a Thursday afternoon and it was time to go on lunch-break. Rachelle walked by and Victor saw her kiss someone else while he looked from afar. Victor then slammed his hand up against his cubical. Feeling crushed, he proceeded to follow her while the other guy must have worked the second shift in another office on the same floor. Whoever the guy was, he was nowhere in sight when Victor caught up with her at the corner store getting something while on break. The woman had never even paid attention to him. Itching at his thoughts, he knew that if he said something to her with any hint that he was interested in her that he would be stepping on another man's turf. The moment they began to talk, ambulance sirens were heard passing by the store. The two of them continued to talk all the way up to the cash register and back to the office. Noticing a fire truck and ambulance outside of their job, they rushed to see what happened. It turns out that the office building's floor caved in and killed everyone in the building, including Rachelle's boyfriend. Watching her cry, Victor couldn't believe the odds. His obsession was so great that it became fatal. He had no care for someone he didn't know but seeing his opportunity, he comforted and got to know Rachelle in the heat of this tragic moment.
The question in this mysterious story is: Did Victor's love obsession for Rachelle cause this ironic event to occur? Those who study the forces of love can only imagine it's power. Love and the laws of attraction can be so powerful that the effects can be fatal. "Good Luck" and "BEWARE" of the mysteries of love.

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