Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Super Bowl Snap

The Brookville Ravens had finally done it, but it took hard work. From an outside perspective the team had been worked to death. The team had snapped and had worked so hard that they were in complete rebellion against the league and their fans, due to the price of winning. Spectators believed that the road to the Super Bowl had driven the team crazy. People started noticing weird behavior on the sidelines by the players. One player was beating his helmet on the bench and another player kept punching his shoulder pads. When the game started, people couldn't help but notice that one of the top players was sitting in the stands and right in the middle of the play other players soon joined him. Some of the players were beating up fans with their helmets and wrestling with referees. From an outside perspective the team had evidentially lost it. When people caught on to all of the madness, they tried to run out of the stadium but the owners locked them in.
"You want us to win? Is that what you want?" one of the players said, slamming a fan in the end zone.
The other team tried to run but the Brookville Raven's coaching staff started throwing water bottles as if they were footballs at them. "I still got it," was the words that came out of one of the coaches mouth. It was insane. One of the coaches was spotted drowning another coach in the drinking fountain. The Super Bowl Stadium had turned into a slaughter house. After the massacre, the team was spotted taking a knee on their logo in the middle of the field. No team ever played them again. Being undefeated had turned them into beast. It was the last game of the season and the last game for the Brookville Ravens. The demands to win had made the whole team snap. The only positive thing that came out of the whole story was that the team stuck together through the whole snapping process. The game was shown on national television and the ratings were through the roof.  

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