Thursday, January 5, 2017

Supreme Growth

The infancy stage is simple, the criteria remains the same. Formed out of the womb and observed by your appointed superiors, whom, are responsible for your productive growth. Be thankful as you grow and notice that even in sad times that I'm teaching you something. Take notice of simple solutions because even that which may seem difficult can be overcome with effort. In the shadows is where I will sit and watch until your time on earth is done. When things seem hopeless, I will give you strength. Believe in yourself and go back to the instructions when you stray from the path that I've already laid out for you. Remember, you had to crawl first, then you got up to walk second. If things seem confusing, I recommend you go back to the fundamentals. No matter what, always remember that nothing on earth is new when you've reached your fullest potential. Strive to grow and be a better person. The process goes on and on. You're designed to bring life into the world abundantly. You're taught to be obedient and you're designed to learn. From infancy, all of your desires were observed. When you asked to play, I gave you toys; when you asked to fly, I gave you planes. Vision alone gives you the strength to turn nothing into something. In your good times, I want you to watch the poor child with less play with dirty dolls because she too will grow and desire to be just like you. Observe and watch the small seed planted into the ground, it too will grow. In all that is left, there is nothing more honorable than to grow and learn. The instructions are simple: learn from your mistakes, and teach the next generation to do the same. I believe in you, just as much, as you believe in me.

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