Thursday, January 26, 2017

He, the Trumpet Player & the Steel Wall

His specialty was the art of the deal. His life began with one-million dollars and a trumpet for his birthday. He, was also given a cheap cell phone for cleaning toilets. He, gained national attention when he played his trumpet in front of a tower owned by a snobby billionaire, who wanted him off of his property. Hearing his fate hollered in his face and the fact that the snobby billionaire refused his offer to play for him, He, the trumpet player, realized that one million dollars was not enough. Feeling belittled, He, the trumpet player, wanted the snobby billionaire to feel his pain.
"What shall I give you to stay off of my property with that pesky trumpet!" Hollered the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, slowly put down his trumpet.
"If you give me a share in your company, I'll have my audience clean your buildings, for free," He, the trumpet player replied.
The billionaire laughed.
"You're just a trumpet player, security, please escort this piece of brass off of my property."
After the security guards took action, He, the trumpet player became angry.
All of his audience then gathered around him.
"What are we going to do. Your deal didn't work," one of the trumpet player's audience members said.
He, the trumpet player stood tall.
"From this day forward, I'm going to call you all my players, and you will all play the game by my rules. I'm going to make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse," He, the trumpet player said, raising his trumpet.
The audience now known as players became confused and they began to talk among themselves.
"But sir, you only have one million dollars," explained one of the players.
He, the trumpet player, began to laugh.
"That, my player, is the art of the deal. I told you, I will make that snobby billionaire an offer that he can't refuse. I just have to find what he needs and make him an offer."
The next day the players overheard, He, the trumpet player, playing in his office. He had been hitting some pretty high notes.
"I found out what he needs," He, the trumpet player said as the players entered to listen to him.
"He needs steel. I want you all to go to the corporations and tell them I'll give them each five-hundred dollars per tonne for their steel until the million dollars is gone and then we will sell a portion to the snobby billionaire for two million. But before he buys it, I want you all to sign this petition to tax the corporations' steel imports so we can increase the price of steel. This will leave the snobby billionaire with no choice but to buy from us."
Once they caught on to his plan, the players got down to business. While they made the moves needed, He, the trumpet player, continued to play. After they made the deals for the steel, He, the trumpet player, went to the snobby billionaire and made him an offer for the steel that he couldn't refuse.
"You're back," said the snobby billionaire as, He, the trumpet player, walked into the snobby billionaire's office.
"Yes, and I would like to do business with you," He, the trumpet player said, holding his trumpet.
"I told you, there is nothing you can do for me, you're just a small time trumpet player with one-million dollars," replied the snobby billionaire.
He, the trumpet player, put his chin up and stood his ground. 
"I noticed you have a project on State St. that needs a tonne of steel to be finished, I have three-thousand tonnes in stock. If you let me have a share in the company I will give you the steel you need to finish the project," He, the trumpet player, explained.
The snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
"Oh wow, that's a good deal."
After he got the snobby billionaire to sign the papers, He, the trumpet player, went to tell his players the good news. In time, He, the trumpet player soon owned the whole company and had more than the snobby billionaire. This made the snobby billionaire angry.
"I've been tricked," he said, hurting his foot while kicking one of, He, the trumpet player's steel buildings.
The snobby billionaire then went and hired an army of soldiers to serve him.
"I want that trumpet player dead and I want his trumpet in my possession to prove it. Once you get it, I want a steel wall built to keep him and his players out. I'm going to meditate and I'm not coming out of my meditation until I hear the sound of that trumpet when the wall is complete."
Once the billionaire declared war with the trumpet player and his players, He, the trumpet player became upset.
"I made him offers that he could not refuse and now he wants war. This makes no sense."
Noticing one of his buildings exploding the trumpet player stood and watched from his window while the snobby billionaire's army stole all of his steel.
"What shall we do sir, they're not playing fair," asked one of the players.
"I want you to let them take the steel and collect all of the gold from my towers and put in on a ship,"He, the trumpet player replied. 
After this was done, the snobby billionaire's army built a steel wall with the steel that they had collected from, He, the trumpet player's buildings. Once the wall was complete the army went back to steal the trumpet, but, He, the trumpet player and his players were no where to be found. Mass amounts of people had lost their lives in the war created by the snobby billionaire. In the midst of all of the turmoil, He, the trumpet player and his players sailed away to a deserted island with the gold collected from his towers. The snobby billionaire became even more frustrated when word got back to him that, He, the trumpet player had escaped. Sitting alone in his office, the snobby billionaire's phone rang. The billionaire rushed to the phone in hopes that his army had retrieved the trumpet.
"Hello...Hello," said the snobby billionaire, waiting for a reply.
It was, He, the trumpet player on the other line.
"I hear you owe a lot of men money for building that steel wall so I want to make you an offer that you can't refuse."
At the sound of his voice the snobby billionaire sat-up straight in his chair.
As the story went on, the cycle continued, until there was no one left on earth to play the game and there was nothing left to offer.
The End. 

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