Friday, May 27, 2016

The Monument

A ghost ship floats through the calm and endangered waters.
Two Marines conduct a special operation.
The feeling of unity somehow strengthens Army platoon number 8.
A lonely Navy sailor is seen standing in front of the lone sailor statue.
The National Guard gets called in to protect civilians in search of shelter.
Broadcasting on every news channel, the Coast Guard has just busted up the biggest drug smuggling ring in history.
The Air Force is flying above.
The mind of the average soldier craves the thought of being home.
Music entices memories of old friends.
Maybe high school sweethearts will reunite once the time is up.
No reality can estimate the price of one's own life.
Those who participate can feel the lasting effects.
Mass memories and sore images.
A picture of home fuels the rage to stay alive.
Smoldering heat slowly eating away at the stamina of a sleepless night.
Insomnia setting in as one cannot wait to see the norms of real life.
What does being human feel like while he or she waits for that one letter in the mail?
The constant recirculation of enlisted men and women called on to carry out missions.
Enemies packaged in little bodies yet you're told when and when not to shoot.
On a calm day, love would be the only solution to forget the battlefield.
Constant images of news flashes as time eats away the feeling of paranoid behavior.
A sixth sense emerges to be able to sense when danger is evident.
Words written in blood to protect the superior forms of life coddling the weak and the strong.
Questions emerge of lonely vets wondering if it's a rich man's game.
A document of historical value sits in a glass sealed stage.
Blending into formation, seeing forbidden territories off limits to foreigners.
Peace is the only talk that can calm the nerves of a soldier who has not been shown what mercy is.
No religion, no money, and no king can explain the cries of distant behavior.
As millions of spectators and loved ones wait at the docks, some are still left alone.
Fragile beings are not welcomed in the danger zone.
One smile entices the veins of a beloved soldier to feel alive again.
Drill instructors must keep training to pass the rules of engagement on to the next unit in line.
Rules written in blood will enhance your awareness to follow them.
A folded decoration of red, white and blue, seals the vision of sea-to-shining-sea.
The question of remembrance eats away at those who dishonor or despise the explanation of freedom.
In the distance a young man centers his life around his own goals as he witnesses what his mother and father have done on the battlefield.
A sense of optimism flows until the sounds of a trumpet blows.
The children sit calmly on the docks as no one makes a move until the observance of colors is over.
All it takes is one volunteer.
Once colors is over they carry-on and the memories of the past entice one brave comrade to come back and visit the Monument.
The Monument made by the artist's steady hands so that no one would forget the ultimate sacrifice.
The Monument made by the artist's steady hands so that all who volunteered would show others the sacrifices made to maintain a peaceful home.
If in time we become pessimistic, the Monument made by the artist's steady hands will remind us to not forget the promise land built by volunteers.
I'm going to take a nap.

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