Monday, May 16, 2016

The Loser's Bracket

Craig had spent his entire life losing. He lost so much that he had no clue what it felt like to win. Losing became his hobby. After a lifetime of being spit-on, kicked and punched for not winning, he decided to grab some friends who could help him keep his losing streak alive.
"Listen, we go out and we get kicked around. Losing is much easier than winning. As long as we keep losing, no one will give a damn about us. We won't have a worry in the world." Craig explained to his buddies: Jerry, Ben, and the others.
Once Craig realized that his team only got called when other teams needed a win, it made him feel better about his life. He had no choice but to accept the fact that he was a loser. One day Craig and his buddies got a call from the government. It seemed that they needed his crew to do a special operation that required losing. To sum it up, it was a suicide mission. Once Craig and his team got the offer, they couldn't wait to jump on it. With his black flag flying in the sky, he lowered it and tucked it safely in his bag as him and his buddies put on their black uniforms and went to work. Stepping on the battlefield and enlisting in the military must have been their calling, because they fit right in. After going on a bare fist mission and noticing that the mission to win was impossible, Craig decided that this time he had no choice but to lose his life. They were sent on the battlefield with no guns. Their number one mission was to die. Noticing that his crew was in danger, he jumped on a bomb and blew himself up. Once his crew saw that Craig had saved them, they felt a force to win. Craig was their friend.
"He killed himself to save us. Why would he do that? We are the scum of the earth," Jerry said as he met with the rest of the losers after they had just been punished by the opposing force.
Ben looked at him with pride in his eyes, "Don't you see this is our purpose in life. If Craig died for us then we have nothing to lose; we must die for our country."
The losers then got up and did everything they could do to lose the battle. Realizing that if they allowed the opposing force to infiltrate the border, the whole country would be in danger. Jerry, Ben, and the rest of the crew blew themselves up to save the rest of the country. Their division was called "the Loser's Bracket" and they lost the little that they had so that others could have more. Their little town called, "Loser Valley" heard about the story and felt like winners.
The End.

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