Friday, May 6, 2016


In deep sorrow, I lay on the couch with idle thoughts.
The wind is blowing and I can hear the branches from the trees scratching up against the house.
No one wants to talk to me and I don't know why.
I roll over as reality sets in.
I want to hide what I'm feeling but I guess it's human nature to feel this way.
There are people standing outside.
They want to come in.
I have nothing left to offer.
I'm useless.
Laying on the couch, ignoring the doorbell, I don't know how I became this way.
I just need time to think or to talk to someone who really cares.
I hear glass shattering as a rock comes flying through the window.
I'm so numb from being alone that the sound seems very stimulating.
I guess this is what it feels like to be human.
Being cheated;
Not being good enough;
Feeling left out;
Never happy or content;
I guess the people outside of my house have me all figured out.
Maybe the world does revolve around me.
If it's my way, maybe that is the right way.
I guess I really did do this to myself.
As I slowly get up off of the couch, I hear the phone ring.
I pick it up and it's my best friend; it's my mother.
After I'm done talking to her, I open up the door, and clean up the broken pieces of glass.
Serenity sets in.

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