Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remembering the Worker Bees

It's a hot day and the navy blues and golds are glistening off of the sun.
Three sailors just got off watch, as I notice a beehive circulating on the docks.
Working keeps a man's mind stable for some odd reason.
While I finished cleaning the weapons, I soon notice that I have just enough time left to polish the floors.
While working I start to whistle...a loud call for General Quarters echoes over the p.a. system.
I wonder what has happened now.
Manning my station, I get a call, it seems some men on an abandoned vessel are approaching the ship.
Approaching the dock they tap the beehive.
The bees attack the men, and they quickly abandon the floating vessel.
I guess even the worker bees have a purpose; I guess even they too have a home to protect.
They have no clue how much work they just saved us...

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