Thursday, May 19, 2016

Remember the Slackers

It was the end of a holiday and everyone had just got done eating, then, BOOM! A bomb went off. Deondre jumped up and ran outside, after sleeping and slacking-off he realized that someone had taken all of their possessions and blew up their shed.
"What happened out here?" His mother asked.
"I don't know, while we were sleeping someone took everything we worked for," Deondre explained.
Momma Diana rubbed her hand on the ground. Being an old veteran of Pearl Harbor reminded her of how they got caught slacking off and then her flashbacks set in. She took her belt and beat the hell out of everything moving in the house.
"This is the last day we sit around! There will be no more holidays, no more church, and no more B. S. Do I make myself clear?" She shouted as everyone tried to make excuses. The devil himself had jump into this small woman. It was unbelievable.
"Every time we even think about slacking-off something crazy happens. Someone 'done came and snatched all my goods." She said with rage in the tone of her voice.
Once everyone got the message they all started cleaning and washing dishes. The house was spotless. Every time Deondre and his family thought about sleeping or doing something worthless or unproductive they thought about the day they slacked-off. The belt and the look on Momma Diana's face was enough to give them some motivation. Deondre built a golden tower after the ordeal and got straight A's all the way through college. His sister Teresa rebuilt the Pyramids and created a new Egypt.

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