Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mrs. Cruz and the Empty Table

Mrs. Cruz, was a proud soloist. Although most of her music had been stolen, Mrs. Cruz kept-on singing. Even though she had traveled to many places, she loved to perform at the Docks Lounge by the bay. Performance after performance and night after night she gave her all on stage, then the day she dreaded the most had arrived. It was that day, Memorial Day, this was the day her husband had passed away and somehow someway she ended up booked in the very place where they met. Sitting in front of her dressing room mirror, she took his picture and placed it in her bra. She had spent years singing in the choir for that man and he chose to be a soldier rather than stay home with her, causing her to take another career path. James Cruz was his name and he and Mrs. Cruz lived the married life for eleven years when he volunteered for the war of all wars and lost his life. It was something about this night that made her feel like everyone had knew her name compared to other nights. The crowd was silent and for that one moment every soul in the building put away their bad habits just to hear her voice. Mrs. Cruz sang with so much emotion. Revving up to hit one of the highest notes of her career she noticed an empty table across the room. Tears fell from her eyes as she could see her late husband sitting at that table. This was the moment of her life. All she needed was one sign from the Lord. Seeing him in the crowd at the empty table proved that for all these years of being alone that her husband had still been with her. After Mrs. Cruz had spent her whole career as a soloist this was her assurance. The table helped her remember the very first day she ever started doing what she loved the most. The table was a sign that her husband was still by her side. She got a standing ovation.

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