Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Suicide Watch

It was a cold November day and Cathy had just got done watching the news. Her phone had been ringing all day but she didn't answer it. Cathy was tired of being alone and everyone was worried about her. It was probably her daughter calling to check on her again. It almost seemed as though the world had been coming to an end, at least that was what the sermon was about Sunday. She rarely attended church but was invited by a friend but the message was so frightening to Cathy. She was not a supernatural person and simple things made her reason with why humans are on earth. She just needed to feel genuine love. For some reason everyone seemed to be so pessimistic. People all over telling her how the world was and how it would be. This bothered Cathy. It seemed as though nothing was real anymore. She was so tired, mentally and spiritually. As she looked around her small house it was almost like time was eating at her thoughts. Little tiny voices of the past and present telling her that life was worthless; Cathy was depressed. Everyone she had grown up with had moved on with their lives. As she eased over to her bed, looking at old pictures, she sat there in grief. Her fingers gently touched the image of her late husband and grown up children. Starting to cry she eased her hand under the mattress to get her gun. Who would've ever thought that thinking could be so painful. Slowly letting the pictures go, they fell to the floor. The television was loud in the background as she held the gun up to her head. "Dear God, if you're real...please give me a purpose in life," she said to herself as a commercial blasted across the television about starving children who had been abandon. It almost seemed as though the message was calling Cathy. Standing on her knees in her large bedroom she slowly put down the gun and hurried to catch the number rolling across the screen. The message of life in need had saved Cathy. Cathy took all she had left in the bank and invested in a place for lost children all over the world to have somewhere to call home. Just when life seemed over and the woes of the world had taken everything out of Cathy she had found a reason to live. A woman in her late fifties who had everything she wanted had almost let go but the fact that someone was being deprived of life had given Cathy life. Cathy was back in business and became so filled with love that the sun came out the next day just for her. Cathy was shining.

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