Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Money Trail

Dollar Jackson was his name and he was the most wanted man in town. He played a hundred money games in his lifetime until he figured out whose face was on the money he was spending.
  "I want my face on this here money, since I'm the one who's spending it all the time. I don't know these folks on this here money. They ain't done nothing for me but make me work to spend," Dollar explained to his girlfriend holding his money.
"Well sweetheart you got to do something great to get your own money around these parts. You got to be worth somethin," his girlfriend replied.
Dollar took her advice then started saving everybody he could. He saved so many people that he soon took over the world. Everyone had heard about Dollar, people even started wars in his name. After getting everyone to sign over all of their assets to him, Dollar created his own money with his face on it and had people buying and selling from him. Once the government found out about what Dollar was doing, they tried to have him killed, but Dollar was to sharp for that. After years of trying to hunt him down, they finally caught him and put him in prison, but he had so many assets that he paid his way out. He then bought the government and built his own army. Dollar even renamed the country "Big D's Land." At the end of his journey he went back to his old girl and there was nothing left for her to say. He soon realized that even after all he was worth and everything he had done, he still had to die. In deep depression he gave his old girl a gun and had her shoot him in the head. As his girlfriend sat there with his dead body she read his last will and testament hanging out of his wallet with his money. In the small handwritten will, it clearly stated, that the only person who could replace his face on his money had to be willing to spend so that others could live. The value was now set, who would sacrifice their precious gold to replace "Big Dollar Jackson."
The End

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