Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Feminist Movement and Carina's "Booty" Protest

Carina was a good and very modest girl. She always took the time to read, and was well respected. She was so happy to be in the twelfth grade and in Mrs. Bernard's English class that she couldn't stop smiling as Mrs. Bernard presented the first lesson plan. In her daily routine, Mrs. Bernard's word of the day was, "Booty." She then made the point that the word had significant meaning and is even used in the bible to describe valuable goods. After a moment of complete silence, for some strange reason all of the boys in the classroom started laughing. Bradly Cunningham thought it was so funny that he fell out of his chair. Carina couldn't believe how crazy everyone had gotten over one word.
"That's enough!" Mrs. Bernard shouted, smacking her ruler on her desk.
Carina then heard a loud smack. Joshua Goodman had smacked Jacky Wilson right on her butt and at that moment the teacher lost it.
"Joshua, go to the principals office, now!"
"What did I do?"
When Joshua said those words, all of the girls in the class knew it was time for war. They had a huge meeting at Carina's house that evening. Carina had designed a dress code that would start a war amongst the teens.
"Ladies, we will wear some of the tightest and most attractive outfits on the market for the rest of the school year and if these suckers want to treat us like meat, then we will make them suffer," Carina declared as all of the girls cheered in agreement for the way they had been treated.
The next day when all of the boys had witnessed what the girls were wearing they were so googly eyed that it was ridiculous. One boy ran right into his locker staring at one of the girls.
"Girl you betta put some clothes on, this ain't no damn juke joint!" Walter Stuart shouted as one of the girls walked by.
"Chill out Walter, did you see Jasmine though? My lord, I had no clue her butt was so big. She usually always wear dresses. She been hidin out." Victor said, assuming Walter would agree.
"That's my sister!"
"Oh my bad...she still look good though."
"You a fool Vick, these girls know what they doin," Walter says, putting his books in his locker.
The hallways soon filled with teens going to their next class. Mr. Ford couldn't help but notice that one of his girl students had one of his boy students on a paperclip leash walking him into his classroom like a dog.
"What in the world is going on?" Mr. Ford said under his breath, noticing all of the weird activity.
He then turned around and saw Carina and her crew of girls walking down the hall with signs reading: "Respect us for our inner beauty or suffer."
"My lord, there is booty everywhere!" a voice was heard amongst the crowd.
"This is unreal," another voice said.
Mr. Ford thought he had lost his mind.
When Carina's feminist movement died down, the school was never the same. The teenage girls had taken over. Every boy in the school had to either develop some self control or he would fall to his knees and give-in to the rage of the teenage girls. Once the teachers got involved it became an epidemic and teenage girls all over the country had started doing this to protest. After the dust settled and everyone got the message that the girls were presenting, life became much easier. Carina just wanted teenage boys to learn how to respect them for more than their bodies and beauty. The school year had now ended for the class of 2016 and at graduation the valedictorian gave a speech on the importance of respecting women in the new century. In his speech when he mentioned the word, "Booty," everyone responded with, "Amen." He also recognized Carina as the first teenager in the school's history to stand-up for other teenage girls.   

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