Monday, April 25, 2016

The Eclipse

Deep inside my thoughts there's a sun...
When it aligns with the moon, my mind goes blank for a few seconds.
I wonder who I am.
Am I somebody; do I exist?
With millions of rocks orbiting around my small universe, I take a small sip of the earth.
The water flows through me as I feel the thirst fading away.
Trust is on my mind because I cannot gravitate around those trying to dominate the planet.
Like the moon, I don't want to block their shine.
Mass amounts of energy levitating around tiny human universes...
I sit and think about my own.
Thinking about the feelings that come about when emotionally drawn in by the opposite sex...I can feel my heart beating.
While my eyes wander, my heart skips a beat.
Like the moon, I can only be seen with the sun.
I feel, I breath, and I'm alive.
Inside of a planet, I watch the rays of the sun shine through the moon.
The earth becomes unusually dark for a small amount of time.
Tiny specs of energy circulate around me as I notice a sphere of water hitting a puddle.
The ripples of time, as the water splashes, give me peace in life.
The sphere is like the universe.
I feel, I breath, and I'm alive.
I have just witnessed the eclipse.
Time will go on without me on this planet, even if I die, but in my universe, I'll live forever.
I welcome the feeling of life.

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