Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Book of Life

Henry was a man of wisdom and had seen a lot in his old age. On one of the hottest days of the year he decided to do something new so he went to the library. Henry's ancestors were a big part of the slave trade so Henry didn't feel very comfortable around others not the same complexation as him. When he entered the library his stomach turned as he went up to the librarian to ask for a book. The librarian glanced at him with his old school look and dirty sneakers.
"May I help you Sir?" She asked with a half smile as if annoyed by his fragrance.
Henry took one good look at her and exited the library as fast as he could. Entering his small house he fell on his couch.
"I need to find that book," he repeated to himself over and over. Breezing through his shelves of books as his hands were shaking Henry almost seemed mentally challenged.
"Where is it?" He said to himself throwing books off of the shelf. As the books fell to the floor he rushed to pick them up.
"I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry!"
On his knees in the middle of the floor with his hands breezing through the pages of every book. Henry got up off of the ground slowly. The sun peeked through the window and Henry dashed over to his couch to feel the warmth. He felt so comfortable looking at the blue sky. Wrestling to get his shoe off with his other foot Henry noticed a book under his night stand. With one shoe flopping-off he rushed over to the stand as his knees hit the floor, sliding on the bare floor with little bitty pieces of dirt scraping up against his knees. Breezing through the pages, skimming through the words he felt the power of his imagination setting in. Books seemed to give Henry energy for some reason. Soaking in the knowledge he ran out of the house with the book. At full stride he began to fly as people watched the miracle, it was unreal. Bursting through the library window the books began to levitate and orbit around Henry.
"I can feel the energy!" He screamed as the librarians and readers ran for cover.
He began to glow and then exploded into a new sun...

In the beginning the earth was void...
A book was placed in the garden and whoever read it would know.
There now was a new earth.
For the lord had placed infinite knowledge in the book...
It was called "the Book of Life."

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