Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Black Angels' Conference

Chief of the Human Commission:
We must find justice in this matter.
Those who sleep well don't seem to be concerned about those who don't sleep well.
Secretary of Life:
Brethren, let us examine what's human.
Did God create life or did man do this?
Board Director of Angel and Human Genealogy:
No; man can only reproduce, but the essence of life comes from another place.
A woman is a part of a man and a man is a part of a woman.
This is the way it was designed.
The only way to reproduce is for a man to be with a woman.
There has to be something to keep such justice and simple laws in place.
Chief of the Human Commission:
Look at the things that they create; are these things not harmful to their bodies?
They even partake of forbidden trees.
Secretary of Life:
I agree, in the code they were not to eat of certain trees.
Let us unite as black angels and resolve this.
Board Director of Angel and Human Genealogy:
What is there to resolve when everything on earth already has a purpose?
If they are created from birth, are they not perfect in the sight of God?
Chief of the Human Commission:
Hum let me think about this...but something or someone must protect the weak.
Don't you see how those who have enough don't worry much about those who don't have enough?
Secretary of Life:
I object to that because some do have compassion and show goodwill.
Chief of Goodwill:
But there are still ninety-nine percent who are still not pleased.
Common wisdom and brotherhood amongst beings is to examine their motives.
When a man eats, can he feel what the hungry man is going through?
When a man has money, does he know what it's like to be broke?
Is a terrorist one who has nothing to lose?
If you had no means to survive would death not be your option?
You see my friends, this is the ultimate protest.
Secretary of Life:
But they protest by taking more life.
We give them knowledge and it becomes their game.
They hunt for the food that we provide and they package it and if no one can afford it, they starve.
They've created interesting concepts but things are still off balance, I don't understand this.
A woman is afraid to have a child.
These beings are afraid to do what they were created to do.
A man protects himself from the laws that other men create.
They are drunken in their sorrows.
Do you see how some of the men are still not happy?
Examine this...there are still watchmen and young prophets who have no shelter...what will we do?
Chief of the Human Commission:
When the sun rises on the next day, and the seasons are a bit off balance we must go and live amongst them to get things back in balance.
This will bring justice and calm the spirits so that the strong will not take advantage of the weak.
Once this is done we will merge heaven with earth and purify the spirit of man.
The Lord's will must be done.
Our meeting is adjourned.

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