Friday, April 1, 2016

The Benefits of Writing your own Material

Everyone has ideas, but sometimes using other people's work can get complicated and take a lot of legal work. The idea is to write, direct, and sell your own material. All it takes is finishing the script and finding the right people to play the part; you would be amazed at how many people you know would love to help and even star in your production. There are a lot of benefits that come with writing and producing your own material, here are just some of the perks:
  1. You own the rights, so you can sell and put on the show wherever there is demand for an original performance.
  2. You can film the show and sell the copies to get a return.
  3. There is always a doorway for new material, and someone may pick up your production if you put it on the market.
  4. It's a learning process and builds your skills as a director, writer, or producer.
Although there are many more benefits to writing your own material these are just the key benefits. The idea is to put actors to work so they themselves can build their own portfolio. The goal it to put yourself to the test by putting your ideas on paper and then putting them into action.

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