Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heyzeus and the Vampire Saint

Heyzeus was a strange child and after years of being sheltered by his parents he was finally allowed to mingle with other teens. At age eighteen he was now free from his parent's care. Heyzeus moved to Salem, Ohio, where he got a job as a waiter at an old restaurant. He didn't want to go to college so he found some roommates and shared an apartment with them. Out of all of his roommates, Brenda, was the kindest. She warned Heyzeus not to go out at night.
"I like you, but I want to warn you that the people around here do some weird things at night," she explained as the two of them sat watching the sun go down.
Running his figures through her hair, the words, "weird things at night," got Heyzeus's attention. He then stopped as she slowly went deeper into her explanation.
"There are rumors that the house up on that hill is haunted. Some of my friends say that it's led by the leader of a cult. His name is Norman Johnson and he used to be a science professor or something. I read his thesis paper on the power of blood; the guy is a nutcase," she says, catching Heyzeus's full attention.
"What is he some sort of vampire?"
Brenda starts laughing, "Nah, I don't believe in that kind of stuff. He's just crazy and does stupid things with his time. I know you're a special person, but I'm warning you, don't try to be a hero."
She then gets up and the both of them walk back to the apartment. This kind of talk bothered Heyzeus because his parents raised him to be different. His mother named him after a car that he was born in, she had a special name for the car and spelled it Heyzeus. Later that night he stared out the window at the house up on the hill, he then grabbed his coat and took a journey up to the house while everyone was asleep. Some would say that he was either stupid or crazy but this curiosity made him who he was. Reaching the top of the hill he noticed there was someone waiting for him.
"I knew you were coming," a voice says in the distance.
Heyzeus started to shiver, "What? Is that you Norman?" He says frantically.
"Is that what she told you my name was?" The voice replies.
"Well..." The man interrupts his response and emerges from the shadow.
"In my world, I study and I wait for people who aren't afraid to come and talk to me. Congratulations! I want to welcome you to the top of the hill," the strange man says as Heyzeus takes a look at his face.
"What happened to you, why are you so pale?"
"Please pardon my appearance, but I have spent my whole life trying to find a way to cure fear and death," the man says getting closer to Heyzeus.
"Huh?" Heyzeus replies as he cannot believe how friendly the man is. He was nothing like Brenda had explained.
"Please tell me your name?" The man calmly asked.
"My name is 'Heyzeus.' What's your name, if you don't mind me asking, Sir?"
The man grins and responds with a small giggle, "My name is Hector. I'm a scientist who lost his license trying to bring people back from the dead."
"Bring people back from the dead? That's impossible." Heyzeus replies in disbelief.
"Well my friend, when you lose everyone that is dear to you, you will do anything to bring them back." Hector then pulls out a tube of blood as Heyzeus starts to backup.
"I don't want any part of this," Heyzeus says, anxiously looking for his flashlight on his keychain to find his path.
"Please, don't let that young girl poison your mind. I'm a human being just like you." Hector says trying to calm Heyzeus down.
"If you're a human being, then why are you carrying blood around in your pocket?" Heyzeus asked, wasting no time getting to the point.
"My friend, I'm a lonely man who cannot die because I've spent my life searching for a cure and I found it. If you're a spiritual man, all I did was read the old testament to find the answer. I've found a way to defeat death, it's all in the blood, but I don't want to be here. I need you to take this blood and find a way to reverse this curse. I want to die." Hector eagerly explains handing the blood to Heyzeus.
"Don't you see how this works. God sent you to me. This is your destiny. I'm exhausted in my research and I don't know how to reverse this. Please help me!"
"Why don't you just shoot yourself?" Heyzeus responds.
Hector then takes the tube of blood and puts it in his back pocket, "Life is too precious for that."
He then walks away as Heyzeus starts to comprehend the test of the mad scientist. Heyzeus tries to reason with him as Hector fades away in the dark of the night. Heyzeus puts his head down and sadly walks home, never seeing Hector again. Fear had made Heyzeus tell a man to take his own life and at that moment Heyzeus realized his own destiny. Hector was so determined to defeat death that he found a way to stop it. In his determination, no one was eager enough to save him as he was to save them. Hector was the Vampire Saint.

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