Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Terrible Dreamer

I woke up today and I realized that everything I do is terrible. No body likes me because everything I do is all wrong. I can't do anything right. I try to be great then I realize that I'm not. I try to read but I mispronounce the words. I must be the only person on earth. I'm a loser. I was at a restaurant the other day and I heard these girls laughing, I wonder if they were talking about me. I never won anything in my life. I don't know much and all I have are terrible dreams. When I'm clean, I'm dirty. When I speak, people throw tomatoes at me. I really suck. I fell down the stairs and almost got hit by a car the other day. I tell jokes and no one laughs. When I listen to myself, I turn it off because I hate the way I sound. I can't do anything right. I lost my job even with a doctor's excuse. I had a birthday the other day and I was the only one who showed up to the party. I'm going to look in the mirror one last time and see if I can accept what I've become. I just got dumped and all I have in my account is a few dollars. I filed for bankruptcy last week and the lawyer wouldn't accept my payments. Once it's all over and I've lived my life being terrible at everything, I'm going to run for president. I'm crazy and I'm the only one standing on top of this huge mountain I just climbed. I'm the terrible dreamer and no body can stop me.

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