Friday, January 29, 2016

The perfect dream

It started with a vision, just like any new idea. The vision never seemed like a good idea to begin with. Everyone hated the idea but one man just kept on going. He had to be crazy to take on something so unrealistic. Everyone was so comfortable; they were so comfortable that they were asleep. It started off in the ghettos then trickled its way up to the suburbs, once it got started there was no turning back. To this day no one really knew why one person chose such a task. A gun went off then he awoke from his dream. If only people could see the vision like he did. That's how it starts, people laugh at first because of the idea. Some even call you crazy. A few people tag along and in the end you end up inspiring others to believe in things that they thought were impossible. Some people are lost along the way and you may even die alone. The perfect dream starts with an idea. An idea that everyone doubts and no one believes will come true. You start climbing and you learn and meet new people along the way. Then once your journey is over you awake in the place where all dreams begin. You awake not knowing who you inspired, not knowing who you let down, but most of all you awake not knowing that you did the impossible. You created the perfect dream and the perfect mountain for someone else to climb. Long live the dreamer.

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