Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Lost Child

Today I'm given a chance.
Tomorrow I have no idea.
I am a creation just like anything on earth within the spirit of man.
My destiny is that of nature.
I give, I let go, I comprehend, I'm trained, I love, I hate, and I'm human.
Keep me aware of logics and I will think logically.
If I am blessed with wisdom then teach me how to use it wisely.
If I am blessed with spirit, teach me to share.
If I am just like you, teach me to not make the same mistakes you made.
I can learn to love, I can also learn to forgive.
As time goes by and those who have mercy give me a chance.
I can give them a reason to carry-on.
In times of sadness, I cry.
In times of happiness, I smile.
When I feel bad I wonder off into the woods to discover a new place.
If there are wolves after me, protect me.
If I awake in a bad mood, comfort me.
You were once me.
Dirty and in search of a good meal.
A hard heart may not know.
A soft heart may not understand but those who do...please teach me to comprehend.
On my journey through my own thoughts.
I have mercy on myself.
I pity my own sin in search of good health.
As an enemy approaches for no good reason.
Give me a chance to feel the spirit of the holiday season.
I'm lost and at times I may have no hope but if I believe in something it will help me cope.
When I grow old and pass on to heaven, I will tell the maker of man that his creation is good.
If he doubts to make more I will request that he should.

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