Friday, December 4, 2015

The First Holiday

"How is he feeling? The enemy is on the move and we have nothing left.
Is he okay? He's all alone in there. Is he calling for backup? We need him to speak to us before battle.
Is he afraid? He has only but a few family members left but they're far from here, is that why he won't come out? We need to win this war. We need a word from him. What do we do?
The walls are caving in, tell him to hurry.
We're under heavy fire. What do we do?
Are you in there Chief, can you hear us?
What do we do?
The enemy has infiltrated our whole command.
Chief say something!"
The door slowly opens and the snow begins to fall. There's only one star shining through a cloudy sky. The chief comes out with bags under his eyes. He laces up his boots.
"We've lost everyone Chief, even your son. You're the only one left to lead. Lieutenant is gone. What do we do?"
Chief Phillips places his right boot on the ground slowly, "I joined because I wanted to face my fear. I wanted to believe in something. If our enemy is showing us no mercy then we must not fear what's on the other side. We must fight like we have nothing to lose."
At that moment, it was the first holiday. The battle was over and man understood that something more was in control. They put down their weapons and prepared the next generation for the next enemy. They created new ways for boys and girls to play. Women understood also how to raise their sons and daughters. At the first holiday they all ate and appreciated all they had on earth. Men and women bonded and the outside world saw something more on earth. Each man took a wife and a new code was written. The magic of the past, prepared a new foundation and a new tradition. Man now understood that loyalty to divine principles was the only way to survive and protect what was most important. When there was no mercy, man finally started to tell the truth and the first holiday was not only divine but it was holy.

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