Thursday, December 3, 2015

One known holy fact

Judas sits in a small room, he then looks at his watch "Hey Zeus how are you doing."
"Well I'm fine. I do want to give you one holy fact before we meet again brother."
Judas looks at his watch, "What's that?"
"One of us is going to die to live and the other is going to live to die. Good luck."
Judas can't figure it out. Once his brother leaves he starts to count his blessings then he counts his coins. He notices that the person on the coins is Augustus. He then looks out the window and sees a crowd of people.
"They're all going to die but who will save them," Judas puts away his coins then proceeds to follow his brother.
When he left, the room was silent for no one was present. When he walked through the crowd of people he looked at all of them. Then he looked at his brother. Walking through the crowd Judas noticed the sun was bright. For some reason it felt as though the sun was out longer this day. Once Judas fathomed what his brother had said, he was no longer afraid. Once Judas fathomed what his brother had said, he realized that the Lord's will is the only holy fact and no one on earth could stop it. He looked at his watch and his coins, "Good luck brother," he said to himself then he fell to sleep never to see his brother on earth again.

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