Monday, December 7, 2015

Notice all of the art this holiday season:

Although all of the pictures and art work you see around the holidays are far from facts you can learn how to enhance your own imagination. All of the festivities and magical themes can show you how art is a big part of every culture. You can also see how people get ideas and how diversity and research plays a big part in how people interpret history and how art has influenced the minds of every being. One amazing thing about art around this time of year is how people decorate their homes. This proves that art plays a big part in our everyday lives. If people can paint their image of God maybe you yourself can create what you think God looks like. That would not only be an interesting art project but it would be a peaceful way to liberate your own artistic impulse and who knows maybe you may even find favor in the heart of a forgiving God, if you believe.

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