Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Little Myisha and her holy language:

Myisha was a strange kid, she was very energetic. It was a Thursday evening when Myisha's mother noticed something very strange. Myisha was up in her room listening to music, but it sounded like she was speaking another language.
"Myisha are you okay?" her mother asked.
Not hearing her daughter reply, she burst through the door and pulled the plug on the radio. Myisha sat there on the floor shaking filled with some form of spirit. Almost as though she were speaking in tongues. Her mother went to grab the bible and noticed that this was the exact same thing in reference to ACTS. Myisha's mother had to test the water so she started playing certain music around the child to see what Myisha would do. Whenever Myisha would hear a spiritual note or a certain tone in the singer's voice, Myisha would start shaking and speaking another language. Around Christmas the family got a kick out of this, so they started using Myisha to go caroling. When they started to sing, Little Myisha would get excited and start speaking  in tongues. Everyone loved the way she ushered in the spirit around the holiday. She started developing a mass following on social pages. Little Myisha was the best thing since Michael Jackson's moonwalk. Churches paid her millions to come visit because everywhere she went the spirit followed. It was a phenomenon that no one could explain. In time Myisha's ultimate test would come when the terror started around the holiday season. When Myisha's mom saw the news she just knew she had to get her daughter involved. There was death everywhere.
"Okay Myisha, we have to test out this gift that God gave you. We need you to bring back the holiday season," Myisha's mother said to her daughter dressing her up as a candy cane with a glittering star on her head. We have to present our own anti-terror attack. We will call it the "glee counter terrorist plot." She took Myisha and put her in the middle of the shopping mall when Myisha started to hear the music she started moving around speaking in tongues. People started praising God and passing out on the floor.
"Oh my God look at how beautiful she is," one lady screamed.
Myisha's mother's plan was working as people soon forgot all about the terror and more about the spirit of the season. Little Myisha saved the world. Everyone from all over started speaking in tongues around the holiday. Myisha ushered in the real spirit of the holiday. Her gift to usher in the holy spirit was evident, but most of all it was revelation. Myisha was a holiday savior, but most of all she reminded people of the savior.
The End

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