Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kwanzaa the Koala Bear

"Mother why is Pa so sad?" Kwanzaa asked.
His mother Matta looked at him with compassion and replied,
"It's because he is concerned about your sister Gina."
Kwanzaa takes his seat at the dinner table as Matta sets the table.
"Pa must really love her, but I'm sure Gina will be okay. She will be okay won't she Ma?"
Matta places Kwanzaa's plate in front of him at the table,
"I sure hope so Kwanzaa."
"Well, in a book I read yesterday the author simply stated that as long as the sun comes out we have another day to make things right," Kwanzaa says with a big smile on his face.
Matta smiles, "That must of been a good book. I just hope Gina apologizes when she gets home. She said some pretty harsh words to Pa."
"But that's what family is for Ma. Sometimes we have to be upset to learn what it's like to be happy," Kwanzaa says as Matta pours vegetables on his plate,
"I guess you're right. Now eat your food before it gets cold."
Gina burst in the house and gives Pa a hug.
"I passed my exam with flying colors Pa!" She says with a big smile on her face.
Kwanzaa looks at Matta, "See Ma, I told you. Look at Pa. It's like she forgot all about her punishment."
They both smile as Gina and Pa make up. It almost seemed like Pa had never put Gina on punishment for her grades. All it took was for Gina to realize that she got a good grade to make Pa happy. In the little time they were apart, each of them had been working on a way to show that they both cared. Gina just needed to show Pa that she was not trying to let him down. Once Gina saw Pa's smile she felt much better and Pa felt much better knowing that she cared all along. Kwanzaa was right, sometimes all it takes is for family to be sad to appreciate what it feels like to be happy.
Happy Kwanzaa from Kwanzaa and the Koala family.

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