Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to enhance your imagination around the holiday:

When looking in space you'll see stars that look like Christmas decorations.
When looking at house decorations from far away they look like stars.
When looking at a city from a distance the lights almost look like space.
The traffic lights can even pass as Christmas lights.
This alone proves that the imagination has no limits.
This is an understanding of arts infinite ability.
The imagination is so great that we can pull ideas out of our thoughts and create just like the creator. The possibilities are endless.
Where there is nothing, there is something.
Where there is him, there is her.
When you fall, you get up.
When you forget, you remember.
When you lose, you win.
Where there is hunger, there is food.
As long as there is something greater, there is something to believe in.
Happy Holidays.

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