Monday, August 17, 2015

The seed

The voice of reason never leaves the mind of the unjust.
All that matters is seen in the eyes of the witness.
As time goes on, the thought of innocence plays over and over again in the mind of the guilty.
The heart of the victim finds faith in an uncommon place.
He holds on to the thought of one incident and as time goes by he receives a seed.
He then plants it.
While it grows he notices it's beauty while others gather around.
The voice of reason goes to the unjust and he comes to chop down the beautiful plant but this time all that matters is that he give back to the innocent what he took away.
The seed grows in time and there is enough food for all to eat.
The innocent forgive but the fruit given to the guilty is bitter.
Why does the guilty not taste the flavor that the innocent taste?
What are the odds of that?
Why won't the guilty leave the innocent alone?
The food for thought is within the seed.

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