Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Journal.

It is now the year 2015 and man has become confused. Many wonder was there ever a good day or time when everyone got along. Things have become different. The people don't have as much spunk as they used to have. Most of the people have been tainted and most of the officials have become corrupt. I don't hear people singing the blues as much like the good old days. The woes of the people are evident in their testimonies. Ages have past and there has been a technology boom yet the people are still not content. Some just want peace, some want answers, and some want revenge. The preacher would say that things were coming to an end but many have heard that line before. Everything seems normal for a second and then something else goes wrong. The optimistic thinker is often smacked by the pessimist but I do believe that things will get better. I saw the sun in the sky today. It rose just like it does everyday. I'm going to sit here and have a cold drink of water. I have a feeling in my soul that everything will be okay. Everything on earth is made to live and until I die I will suck it up and keep moving. It is what it is...  

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