Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kid Echo and the Thought Machine

Michael Bose was in high school when he came up with the idea of trapping the thoughts of people.
"It's like I can hear people thinking," he said to his friend Mellissa.
Michael earned the name "Kid Echo" because he had always been fascinated with sound at an early age. Everyone thought Michael was the perfect person to lead the school in the creative minds event coming up. Sitting in class, Mellissa couldn't help but bother him.
"So have you started building it?" She ask, as she gets Michael's attention.
"Yes, it's no different from building a studio except you magnify the subject's thinking. It's amplified by drugs or other mind stimulants. If you want to check it out stop by the house later."
 Kid Echo explains.
"Wow that sounds amazing, you're a genius Kid Echo." Mellissa replies with cheer.
Later that day approaching the house, Kid Echo and Mellissa noticed something strange going on. There were all types of people surrounding the house.
Kid Echo's mom comes running out of the house when she sees him approaching the front door.
"Michael, what did you do? These people have been here all night! They keep coming and going. They come here with pencils, pads and head phones. What are you building in the basement?" His mother ask wondering what her son had started.
"It's nothing mom. They just have to get their thoughts out in the thought machine I built," Kid Echo responds.
"Are you charging them?" His mother ask.
"Not yet; I have to test it out," he replies.
Mellissa emerges from the crowd of people.
"You're going to be rich! Look at all these people."
As everyone welcomes Kid Echo he instructs them to proceed into the basement one at a time. One after another they spill out their thoughts. While the momentum is shifting the meter on the thought machine starts to bounce back and forth.
"What's going on? It looks like it's about to blow!" Mellissa shouts noticing the smoke coming from the machine.
"Don't worry this is what happens when people let out what they are really thinking." Kid Echo explains.
While the session winds down everyone exits but the others waiting rev things back up. It was non-stop, Kid Echo had created a way for people to say what they feel. Once people caught on to his vision, others started copying and calling theirs recording studios and putting music behind the thoughts. Kid Echo had started something that would never end. People were so brainwashed by his vision that he had to put an end to it. People started believing that certain thoughts were real and they started killing each other. They even starting mutilating their body. It was insane.
After the creative minds event things had gotten out of hand. Mellissa rushes over to Kid Echo,
"How are you going to reverse this?" She asked.
 "The only way to reverse this is to get them to read, I have to create a machine that will give them the power to write down their thoughts instead of speaking them," Kid Echo explains as they rush back to the lab.
After he did this soon the people started to calm down. Kid Echo had saved the day. Who would have thought that reading and writing would be much better than speaking words. Only the genius of Kid Echo.

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