Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Sun, the Father & the Black Clouds

Ezekiel was a good child. When he was born his father watched him grow from curiosity to wisdom. While Ezekiel was growing he noticed the sun always rose in the sky. He noticed that it did this everyday as he lived. This was amazing to Ezekiel so he asked his father why this was so.
 "Dad every since I was born that ball of light has been in the sky. How is that possible?"
 Ezekiel asked his father. His father looked at him and laughed,
 "Everything you see on this planet is because of that ball of light. It is the missing piece to all of man's wonders. That ball of light is God. The sun creates itself and alone will vanish when it loses energy. The master designer of purpose and life thought of it and it was so. It stays in one spot from it's beginning till its end. It emerges from darkness and the planets circle it in a cycle of consistency. It gives everything on this planet energy. Without it there is no life. It is powerful my son. Don't stare at it and don't try to touch it. It is the face of God."
 Ezekiel's dad explained.
 The day soon became night and Ezekiel looked in the sky and noticed other balls of light, he even looked at the moon then he fell to sleep. In the morning there was a black cloud in the sky that spit out thunder and lighting. This too amazed Ezekiel.
 He said to himself as he watched the power of nature.
 "The black cloud blocks the sun. Father why does the black cloud block the sun?"
Ezekiel asked his father.
 "My son, I am here. I am your father. The light from the sun is so powerful that it travels through the clouds and strikes the earth with pure energy. Just like you are a part of me. The sun is a part of us. That pure energy is in us."
 His father explained.
Ezekiel was astonished, he was so astonished that every morning he got on his knees and thanked the sun for rising. As time went by he did this everyday, it became his custom. One day a man name Seth became upset with his wife and killed her in front of Ezekiel. Ezekiel watched in disbelief as the energy from her was ripped out by Seth. Seth looked Ezekiel in his eyes when he did it and Ezekiel ran home. Everyone in the village heard about what had happened. Ezekiel was hurt.
 "My son I told you to stay home. Seth wants to control the earth by his own power and for that you saw the outcome. Now you will have to live with his decision for the rest of your life because you did not listen to me. As your father I can only guide you for so long until you can make decisions on your own. Seth taught you a lesson today."
 Ezekiel's father explained.
When Ezekiel awoke the next morning he noticed that the sun still rose. When this happened he got on his knees. As Ezekiel grew older and life went by his father passed but the sun never stopped shining. Ezekiel was obsessed at its power and it became his reason for living; the sun became his father. When Ezekiel got married and his wife had children, his family did as he did every morning and got on their knees and as time went on their families did the same thing.
 When Seth killed his wife in front of Ezekiel, the sun still shined. When Ezekiel's father died, the sun still rose. It never went away. Even in death it gave life. As time went by and every family did as Ezekiel's family did, when the black clouds came the sun came soon after. The sun caused this; for the sun was the reason; for the sun was the father; for the sun was life.   

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