Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The role of the "Stage Manager":

Being on stage can be tough, but getting people do operate according to schedule can be even tougher. The stage manager is the person backstage making sure the director's vision is not only carried-out but performed with little-to-no mistakes. It is a fact that for some reason when people perform, things do go wrong. The job of the stage manager is to make sure that when things do go wrong that they are fixed right away and he or she must always have a backup plan. The role of the stage manager is to assist the director. He or she must have clear communications with everyone involved in the production. If you're ever performing, you may hear the call for places; that usually is the stage manager. Being a stage manager can be tough. He or she must have cues written down and also be attentive to every detail of the performance. Although the role of a stage manager is not easy, it is worth the effort when the performance is over and the roses are thrown on stage or the crowd applauds and stands-up.

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