Wednesday, June 10, 2015

11 Reasons why God made Art:

  1. God made art because God knew we would want to be like him so we can create our own world.
  2. God made art because some people like colors and some people cannot see colors so when people say I don't like black or white people he would make them paint pictures of purple people. That way they could create their own people.
  3. God made art so if your team does not win you can play a video game and win yourself. Then if that does not work you can paint a picture of your team winning.
  4. God made art so if a woman can't have a child she can paint a picture of a child.
  5. God made art so if someone dies you can see them in pictures, that way they won't get mad at you for not letting them go. They will keep the same look on their face the whole time you sit there crying because they are not coming back. Then one day someone will look at you in the picture and everything will be even and the cycle will go on and on again until no one cares.
  6. God made art so that people would kill each other inside their art instead of in real life. Then others who read about it will feel better because they have some people they want to kill too
  7. God made art to show us that everybody has an opinion and even in the end there is a beginning.
  8. God made art so that dumb people can be smart and smart people can be dumb.
  9. God made art so that you could paint a picture of a preacher with his mouth closed, an artist with no paint brush, a world with no sin, a politician in a world by themselves, a world with no war, and a book with no words.
  10. God made art so that if you don't have any money you can make your own money and start spending it, then when people look at you like you're crazy, you can say it's the same thing you have but I made it what I'm worth.
  11. God made art so if someone says no you can write the word yes.
Art can be crazy, sane, wild, boring, fun, right, wrong, and even annoying. That is why God made you so you can find a place where freedom is right in front of you.

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